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My name is Gary and I have been making various types of models since I was 10 (many years ago now), and I started collecting 1/6th scale (12") figures in 2004. In the years that this website has been up and running, I have learned a great deal from my fellow modellers, and this site is my small way of returning to them any information I have learned. As I have found out over the years making models of various scales, that everyone has something to offer and it is usually the small simple ideas that make the most difference.


I hope that in my small way, I may have helped someone during that time. Plus I would like to say thank you, to everyone who has contributed to this website. Because a lot of what is here, is only because of the very generous help I have received in various forms.

So this is my way of saying thank you.

To all modellers of all scales for all of their help over the years.

Full credit is always given to people and websites.

And a special thanks to Mark for all his help with this site.

Many thanks to Reese for the help with the website header picture.

Many thanks to all the people who allowed me to use their images and text for these pages.  

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2019 Website Updates

11th March - Sales Page Updated (Sold Items Removed & Pages Combined Together)






Note: I am interested in trades for modern DAM or KGB Hobby Russian parts.

Special Note: Please see the notes on my Sales pages regarding postage costs.

Please let me know of any dead links here, so I can either remove or update them.








These are my boxed figures that I have to put together.

I am a member of these forums, and my name is Johkaz, and if you need any help for any modelling projects, then I am sure that these people will be more than willing to help, as they have been a great help to me with my models. And a lot of what is on here, has come from the excellent help I received from the members of these forums.




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